15 Definite Signs You Live in Capitol Hill, Denver

  1. You’re wary of parking on a street sweeping street even in the winter…what if your calendar is wrong?
  2.  You know to park in the secret overflow lot at Kings Soopers
  3.  Sometimes you walk by Whole Foods just to pet the dogs always leashed up outside
  4.  One lap around Cheeseman Park counts as enough exercise for a week, right?
  5.  You know how to sneak onto the roof of your apartment building for optimal sunset viewing
  6.  You could easily walk to dozens of restaurants and grocery stores, but you order delivery instead
  7.  Your apartment building and your grandmother have the same name (Elaine and  Geraldine, anyone?)
  8.  You go to Thump to people watch
  9.  You don’t blink at spending $7 for a Chemex coffee
  10.  You’ve paid so much in parking tickets they should name a street after you
  11.  4 way intersection+ 2 stop signs = accident
  12.  You’re not entirely sure where Capitol Hill ends and the other neighborhoods begin (Cherry Creek who? Congress Park what?)
  13.  Your rent is $1000 a month for a studio that makes Harry Potter’s cupboard-under-the-stairs look spacious
  14.  Your apartment building’s no pet policy is more of a guideline
  15.  Your car gets a mysterious new dent every week

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